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CO2 diffuser and thanks

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post.  Great to see you back 
Auggie and that would be a good idea but the power head im using is a Penn 
Plax Shark with a wide mouth output, so a "spray-bar" or tube outlet hookup 
is out of the question.  Thanks anyway.
In response to Roger's suggestion, I just checked by pH as the lights went 
out.  7.6.  I will check again in the am as the lights come on. That should 
give me some idea of what Im dealing with.

BTW followed your last bit of advise and stopped the Mg and FloraPride 
additions, as well as raised the lighting a bit. (Adding problematic CO2 at 
same time)
Additionally, i moved some plants around to lower light areas where (even 
though they're "high" light plants) they seem to be doing better.
I'll continue to *patiently* monitor without further chem./mineral additions 
for another 3 wks/water changes. Then I should know more (RIGHT!?)
Thanks again,

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