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RE: DIY reactor

     As someone who has a nice 90 gallon tank with a DIY yeast for a CO2
source........one bottle of brew will not do it for this tank. The
powerhead reactor will work great and you can also make a hose
attachment as long as you wish to even further the efficiency of
dissolving the CO2 in the water. Simply add some hose to the output of
the powerhead and hang .....say 3-4 feet  of 5/8" hose on the back of
the tank with the output going back into the tank. This will give you
more contact time and better directional control of CO2 rich water. A
spray bar along the bottom is a good approach for the return. Use 2-4
bottles of 2-3 liter brew reactors to get your PH down. Consider
softening your water some also if possible. KH is kinda high. Place the
intake of CO2 on your suction side of your pump. This will further grind
up the CO2. Be sure to use a ridged bottle !!!!!!!!!! Not a flimsy 2
liter pop bottle.
You'll be very sorry if ya don't! Noncollapsable bottles are the way to
go using yeast. A vinyl tube slipped over the suction side of the power
head can serve a manifold for 2- to however many bottles of yeast you
wish to use, with each tube connected to a separate bottle of brew.
On large tanks, many have found pressure tanks to fit the needs of plant
tanks better than yeast set ups. It can work........ but you need more
gas<g>. Rotating sets of 2 to 3 bottles every 10 days or so (or until
gas production drops of) will even out flucuations and keep thing
stable. 55 gallons and down I'll use the yeast every time but over that
it will take more than one bottle generally depending on CO2

Same goes for cat feces dosing but many cats are territorial and won't
dose another cat's tank so rotation can be a big problem in larger

Tom Barr     AGA