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Weekly green film normal?

     I've been lurking here for a month now and have an issue I'd like some 
     help with.  FYI, I've searched the APD and Krib archives, and have 
     tried a couple things to no avail.  One week after water changes an 
     annoying film of green algae accumulates on the glass.  I can wait no 
     longer than two weeks before I must scrub it off due to reduced 
     visibility.  I'm careful about feeding (once per day), but tried every 
     other day for two weeks, following a water change, but same result.  
     There were some suggestions to try a small Pleco, so I purchased two 
     Clown Plecos.  Unfortunately, contrary to popular opinion, a week 
     after settling in, they found my E. Osiris more tasty than algae:( so 
     I sold them to a friend.  The frequency of accumulation seems out of 
     hand to me, but I'm pretty new to plant tanks, so I'm hoping someone 
     can help with a solution, or at least tell me to deal with it (keep 
     scrubbing), which I will because I love my plant tank!  It's been this 
     way since cycling.  Plants and fish are all doing well (except for 
     Cabomba, losses color, doesn't root well...hmmm?).  Sorry for the 
     length of this, but I'm out of ideas.  TIA!  Mike
     4 months since setup
     55 gal
     Emperor 400 filter (coarse foam at output to reduce surface agit.)
     160 watts lighting, various plant bulbs, 2 at 10 hrs, 2 at 11 hrs
     CO2, tank and regulator method, approx. 3 bubbles per sec.
     Substrate Gold under fine gravel
     Natural Gold liquid, 1ml daily
     20% Water change every 10-14 days, 50/50-DI/Tap
     KH=6, GH=6
     Nitrates= <12.5ppm (need a better test kit here)
     Fish:  3 Bosemani Rainbowfish, 5 Bl. Ruby Barbs, 5 Bl. Phantom Tetras, 
     5 Rummy Nose, 8 Neons, 6 Harlequin Rasbora, 5 Otos, 2 SAE, 4 Corys.
     Plants:  Hygro. Difformis, Lilicina, Sunset; E. Osiris, Tennullus; 
     Valisneria, Jungle, Corkscrew; Water Pennywort; Anacharis; Anubias 
     Barteri Nana; Samolous Parviflorous; Cabomba; Rotala Macranda; Apon. 
     Ulvaceous, Crispus.