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catching neons/ no cichlids!! tetra florapride works on green water !!

net is not working because they are too fast. Is there a fish
>  that will eat them? A chemical? Should I starve them or overfeed them?
Borrow a Med. suze cichlid. They will be gone in a few hours. 


I would like to recomend a superior aproach, The chances are that if you
add a medium size cichlids of 5 inches + not only will your neons be gone
but so will your plants! I have seen cichlids introduced into a display
tank and with in hours the tank is upside down, plants in peices, ex happy
tank mates cowering with ripped fins etc....

The thing that will work for the neons would be a net breeding trap with
small holes cut into the base, put a lump of beefheart or someother similar
food and the neons will swim up from under the trap and swim through the
wholes into the trap where they are easily netted (and then destroyed as no
one wants other peoples neons)

Regards Daniel G.

PS I added Tetra Flora Pride to my tank, diatomed it and it has been 4
weeks and the green water has not returned!
Thanks Gabs!