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Plants rotting

Hey!, As my aquarium becomes established, the plants have begun to take
               over the tank.  I have noticed that the plants have begun to 
rot in places.
               I have elodea (also called anarcharis) and giant hygro.  The 
plants are
               growing and have greatly accelerated from the CO2 injection.  
It is a fresh
               water tank with a whisper power filter, and layer of 
soil/earth vermiculite
               mixture with sand as the top layer.  There are two blubs 
lighting the ten
               gallon tank (cool whites).  The rotting is not a light brown, 
but a dark
               brownish black.  The temperature is around 73-75 with one 
betta fish.
               Thanks for the help.  It is just probably a iron deficiency, 
but I want to
               make sure before I start adding chemicals.

danielwiznia at hotmail_com

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