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Getting rid of fish? and snails!!!

Goodchild wrote,

>Subject: Getting rid of fish?
>Please help!! I have a heavily planted 24 gallon tank.  I have 5 neon
>tetrasleft in it which I need to get rid of with out tearing out all the
>plants.  A net is not working because they are too fast. Is there a fish
>that will eat them? A chemical? Should I starve them or overfeed them?

and in a seperate post...

>Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 14:55:01 -0700
>From: "The Goodchild" <atomizer at earthlink_net>
>Subject: snails!!!
>How do I get rid of snails? Do i use chemicals, or what?

I apologize for combining threads, but considering my advice I couldn't
resist.  I assume you are talking about the same tank.  In my planted tank
I have tetras.  I also had snails.  I didn't care to find out what kind, I
just wanted them gone!!!  I used snail-a-cide (active ingredient - Copper
Sulfate Pentahydrate) by Aquatronics.  It killed most of the snails, but
also took out some of my neons and glolights.  Other possible solutions 

1. weak potassium permanganate solution:
pros and cons:  don't know, never tried
see below for details...

2. clown loaches is my preferential solution.  remember, they love to have
pros: simple, extremely effective
cons: if you don't want them, then you have created another problem

3. the cucumber/algae flake/tasty grub technique - placing a tasty treat in
the middle of the tank on a saucer, when they have sat down for dinner,
remove the saucer
pros: very simple
cons: won't get ALL the snails out (at least for all the people I know)
can be found in the APD archives...

Darin Simmons
darin at silcom_com