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getting rid of fish

 take a 15 ounce pop bottle and cut off the end so it forms a funnel.
punch quite a few holes in the rest of the pop bottle so it easily fills
with water.  Put some food inside the pop bottle. Invert the funnel and
insert it into the rest of the pop bottle opening.  Tie some fishing
line around the bottle and place it in the aquarium .  You now have a
miniature minnow trap and the neons will enter it in search of the food.
  It will take some time but it should work. 

-> Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 14:54:59 -0700
-> From: "The Goodchild" <atomizer at earthlink_net>
-> Subject: Getting rid of fish?

-> Please help!! I have a heavily planted 24 gallon tank.  I have 5 neon
-> tetrasleft in it which I need to get rid of with out tearing out all the
-> plants.  A net is not working because they are too fast. Is there a fish
-> that will eat them? A chemical? Should I starve them or overfeed them?