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Thanks to all.

Thanks to everyone who helped me install starters for both my
fluorescent fixtures.

I did, however, not need a socket.  One wire of the right endcap is
connected to the ballast and one, to the push button.  The left endcap
wires are connected to the pushbutton.  As well, the power cord was
split to two.  One to the ballast and one to the push-button.

After some trial and error (I did electrocute myself after forgetting to
plug out the cord :), I had to remove the right endcaps wire that was
connected to the push-button and connect it to the starter. (note: a
solder was not available.)  I also had to connect one of the left's but
the starter was picky about which one.

There was one more step to get it to work.  I had to disconnect one of
the split power wires that was connected to the push-button, and place
it on the area on which one of the endcap was connected to.  Weird.

Again, thanks all.

P.s.  The only drawback there is, is that the push putton has to be
pressed in all the time and if you let go it turns off.  I had to use a
strong tape for that.