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Holes in Banana Plant Leaves?

	My banana plant is thriving, except that one day after a new leaf is
fully put out, little clear spots appear about 3/8" inside the leaf
edge.  These spots then turn into holes, and that's the end of it -- the
leaf lives for a couple of months with a lot of holes at it's edge.  I
couldn't find anything about this in the archives. It's clearly *not*
fish damage. The banana got 1/2 tab Sera Flora micronutrient fertilizer
a couple of weeks ago, and is putting out big leaves with thick green
Does anyone have any experience with this problem? 
Diagnostic info:
CO2 injection, pH 6.8, KH 2.5, GH 3, 77 deg F, 1 or 2 drops Flourish per
day into a 60 gallon with a mix of 4 plant-type fluorescent tubes which
are changed regularly.  All the other plants are thriving!
Sherman Lovell