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Re: plant disinfection question

>Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 01:59:03 +0100
>From: "H. Hoekstra" <hugo at greed_nl>
>Subject: Re: Spathiphyllum and plant disinfection question
>I had ordered Potamogeton lucens, but now that I received it it's from 
>a pond
>and it is really *infested* with all kinds of parasites and critters.
>I put it in a bucket with a medication which is supposed to be harmful 
>invertebrates, yet they don't seem to care. :/ 
>Any hints on this? I'd rather throw away these plants than have the 
>of introducing harmful invertebrates into my tank(s).
>I read about the KMno4 treatment but I won't be able to look for that 
>coming week. 
>Best regards,
>Hugo Hoekstra

I often buy lillies and other pond/open aquarium plants from the local
plant stores and get them coated in yucky critters.  I do a 5-10 min.
soak in Snail-A-Cide (copper sulfate pentahydrate) and 24 hour soak in
General Cure Parasite Control (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, (metronidizole,
trichlorfon, and copper sulfate)), then recheck for anything with a small
microscope (25x magnifciation).  I very rarely find anything, if I do I
repeat the process.  To the best of my knowledge I haven't had anything
introduced yet.  
Good luck, 
Amelia Ricks, in sunny NM, hoping for rain and with it daphnia

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