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Re: Aponogeton, Bacopa, the name thing

> I just purchased an apongeton ulvaceus.  I have never tried apons before
> so can anyone give me some personal experience with them???
> - -Moishe


I have found ulvaceus to be one of the easiest plants to grow, and
certainly the easiest aponogeton. It requires low to moderate light, and
I havnt found it to need any special care. I think you will find it just
as easy.

> Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 18:09:38 EDT
> From: RGORDONPF at aol_com
> Subject: Bacopa Caroliniana
> All of the plants in my 100 gallon plant tank are growing very well except
> for the Bacopa caroliniana.  This is the first time I have grown it and had
> thought that it would grow much more rapidly.  The plant bubbles nicely
> during the day and the stems grow about 1/2 inch per week.  The leaves that
> receive the most light have turned a dark reddish brown which makes me wonder
> if the plant is receiving too much light.  The Bacopa is directly under one
> of the two 150 watt HQI metal halide bulbs which are suspended 12 inches
> above the tank.  The tank is 18 inches deep with 3-4 inches of substrate.
> The group of Bacopa monnieri that is right next to the B. caroliniana is
> growing real fast - 3 to 4 inches a week.
> Does anyone have any experience with Bacopa caroliniana in high light (3-4
> watts per gallon) environments. 

I grow Bacopa under 4+ watts per gallon, and mine also take on a nice
red hue, and this is how I sell the plants. I think it is the
combination of light and adequate minerals that give it its red color. I
wouldnt describe mine however as a "brownish red". I find it quite

> Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 16:58:07 -0700
> From: sae at arts_ubc.ca (Olga Betts)
> Subject: the name thing
> Scott "Relli" McLaughlin wrote:
> >>Ali ("spiny eel" - come on Ali, use your REAL name on the APD, especially if
> >>you want people to take you seriously)
> >
> >There is really no need to make such comments. Perhaps this is what the person
> >is known as, or wishes to be known as, It is petty to suggest that he is not
> >to be taken seriously because he has a nickname.
> You must be new to this digest Scott. We have been around this mulberry
> bush before. Many of us feel that we want "real" names. What reason does
> anyone have to hide? You use "relli" but your real name is there too. Let's
> not start a big thing over it again... I just want to let you know that
> that is why James made such a comment. Folks who use their "real" names are
> taken more seriously.

To each their own. Spiny eel, I would be happy to answer any questions
you have if I can help, honestly and without judgement. I could care
less what you call yourself. "We are all just flowers waiting for a
sunny day"

Robert H
The "h" is for use your imagination
Aqua Botanic