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Cleaning Eheim CO2 Diffusers

Dave G. wrote re cleaning Eheim CO2 diffusers:  "Here is my
1.	Carefully brush the disk (remember it is fragile and brittle)
with a brush (like a toothbrush).
2.	Rinse the disk and place it in a very small dish.  Add one drop
of bleach and a few drops of water.  Cover.
3.	After a day or two, carefully rinse the disk.  Then place it in
a water glasss with 2 ounces of water and enough chlorine remover to
treat a gallon of water.  After a few hours rinse again.  All odor of
chlorine (and all chlorine) should be gone.   If not, repeat this step.

This strongly oxidizing treatment should remove most all organic

I've been meaning to comment on this for some time.  I use the
toothbrush method every few months.  My E. diffuser has been working
well in my 125 gal. for over a year now.  A couple of months ago I just
flipped the disk over in the housing and noticed I was back to the
tiniest bubbles.  So this trick might 'double' the life of the disk.
FWIW, this diffuser has dropped in price to $15 in the latest Pet
Warehouse catalogue-so at least it's not megabucks to get a new one.
Dave G has told me that Eheim doesn't sell just the disk for a reduced

Steve Dixon in San Francisco