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Re: NO2 as a plant nutrient

Bob Dixon wrote:

> I think you guys have missed or forgotten the nature of the original post.
> It was about experimentation with high nitrite levels.  Instead of
> bacteria, I would like to know what ARTIFICIAL means was used in elevating
> NO2 levels for the experiment.

From Ali's follow-up posting, I gather that it was agricultural run-off
flowing into the streams which caused the high NO2 levels.

My information source for my comments about plants' ability to use NH4, NO2
and NO3 comes from "Aquatic Photosynthesis", written by Paul G. Falkowski,
John A. Raven, published by Blackwood Science, Malden, Mass., U.S.A., 1997.

As an aside, we keep hearing (and telling people) that a lot of hobbyist
oriented literature, especially older books, contain inaccurate information
about some very basic stuff like water chemistry and plant nutrition. A
while ago, Steve (Elvis) suggested to me that I spend some time in my local
library. I have been following his advice, and I have uncovered a wealth of
information in the limnological section of the local public Reference
Library - and a LOT of the material has relevance to aquatic gardening and
fish-keeping in general. I haven't even attempted yet to gain access to the
University of Toronto's botany collection in their library.

I have discovered, and am attempting to digest, excellent (if somewhat
detailed and technical) information on water chemistry, plant nutrition, the
whole process of photosynthesis and a whole raft of other topics relevant to
the hobby. I recommend anyone who "wants to know" go visit their local
library and peruse the "serious" literature.

James Purchase