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Pseudonyms, nitrifying bacteria

At 03:48 PM 5/19/99 -0400, Scott "Relli" McLaughlin wrote:

>There is really no need to make such comments. Perhaps this is what the
>is known as, or wishes to be known as, It is petty to suggest that he is not
>to be taken seriously because he has a nickname.

That's the reality of this list; James was just stating something that's
been said many times before.   Individuals who chose to post under obvious
pseudonyms rarely get much attention here.  

>Uncertain maybe, but we do know that Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas are most
>likely the two genuses (hmmmm, is that the right word?)

In fact, work done by Tim Hovenac and others demonstrate pretty clearly
that neither Nitrosomas nor Nitrobacter are the bacteria responsible for
nitrification in water.   

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