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Re: Can Plants Utilize NO2

> >Ali ("spiny eel" - come on Ali, use your REAL name on the APD, especially 
> >you want people to take you seriously)
>There is really no need to make such comments. Perhaps this is what the 
>is known as, or wishes to be known as, It is petty to suggest that he is 
>to be taken seriously because he has a nickname.

Thank you very much for the replies i have been receiving on and off the 
list. i have seen earlier postings about using a nickname. that is why i 
gave my real name (ali) at the end of the posting. sorry.

someone asked why study effects of NO2 on an endangered species. i feel i 
owe everyone an explanation. the research is being done by a friend in a 
local university to study the effects of nitrogenous runoffs from nearby 
plantations into natural homes of the arowana.

i asked the question in very general terms to see what are the various 
opinions i could get as i have seen this forum could go into pretty 
scientific detail, with participants who has very good understanding of the 
subject. i found the explaination that plants could convert NO2 with an 
enzyme particularly interesting. that is new to me.

once again i apologize for the inconveniences and thank you for your kind 


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