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maint sched

Karen wrote:
>Subject: Re: maint. sched.
>I've noticed recently that I kinda need to do a small overhaul in my
>planted tank.  There seems to be some areas where detrius accumulates
>and I need to prune as well.  I thought yesterday that in order to
>better help myself keep a tidy tank and healthy fish, I'd get some hard
>schedules from you guys or just some general guidelines.

I don't think you will find a "hard" schedule among aquatic plant growers.

>Water changes (how much & how often) every two weeks 20%

I generally change 25% every two weeks... but not religiously.

>Water testing (how often) once a month

Test when I change water or if something looks out of wack... pH, nitrate,
iron, GH, KH

>Gravel vacuuming (how much & how often) every water change until 20% of the
>water is taken off.

If you mean real gravel vacuuming... NEVER... and you shouldn't be if you
have a serious planted tank. In planted tanks I just syphen off any debris
lying on the surface.

in Vancouver