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the name thing

Scott "Relli" McLaughlin wrote:

>>Ali ("spiny eel" - come on Ali, use your REAL name on the APD, especially if
>>you want people to take you seriously)
>There is really no need to make such comments. Perhaps this is what the person
>is known as, or wishes to be known as, It is petty to suggest that he is not
>to be taken seriously because he has a nickname.

You must be new to this digest Scott. We have been around this mulberry
bush before. Many of us feel that we want "real" names. What reason does
anyone have to hide? You use "relli" but your real name is there too. Let's
not start a big thing over it again... I just want to let you know that
that is why James made such a comment. Folks who use their "real" names are
taken more seriously.

in Vancouver