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Re: Texas water

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Cheryl Hofmann wrote:

> > Gee.  Thallium.
> Did you say that because thallium is dangerous? or odd?

Odd.  I suppose its there because it's potentially dangerous, but then so
is Plutonium, and I never see that reported.  Its significance is lost on
me, and I saw it reported on several analyses in a short period of time.

> > Given that pH, sodium and alkalinity are all high, I wonder if this water
> > might have been treated with sodium carbonate to increase pH.
> You were neither the first nor the last to suggest that. I once asked Bubba
> at the water company what he did to treat the water and he said it came
> straight from the ground and he only added chlorine. Of course, this is the
> same man to whom I had to explain "hardness" just one week prior. If I try to
> have a conversation with him about "ion exchange" I'm sure it will be a short
> one. I'm very grateful to the members of this digest because I don't exactly
> get a lot of local technical support.

My experience with small-system operators is that while they sometimes
don't know why they do things, they always know what they do.

I have heard or read that ground water with this composition can be found
in Texas, but I wasn't sure where.  You can also get it in North Dakota
and I imagine in a few other places (besides southwest Albuquerque), too.

Roger Miller