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commercial bacteria preparations

>>While there ARE several commercial preparations that CLAIM to contain the
>>proper bacteria, at this point in time even the very identy of the bacteria
>>responsible for the conversion of ammonia/ammonium into nitrate in fresh
>>water ecosystems is uncertain. 
>Uncertain maybe, but we do know that Nitrobacter and Nitrosomonas are most likely
>the two genuses (hmmmm, is that the right word?)
>So whether thse commercial preparations can
>>do what they claim to is open to doubt. The second part of Kenny's answer,
>that "overdosage or underdosage of these bacteria is definately harmful", is
>>pure speculation on Kenny's part.
>It is also speculation to say that these products do not work as claimed. I
>do not use them but know several people who have had success with them. I know
>of no actual studies to prove that they are ineffective or effective.

Hi All,

I thought I'd give my recent experience using one of the commercial
products. I was cycling two tanks, a 30 gallon and a 20 gallon. I added
ammonia (NH4OH) to make NH3 concentrations of ~5ppm. The pH was in the high
7's. After adding the commercial preparation, it still took about 1 month
the NH3 and the NO2- concentrations to fall to undetectable limits. Maybe I
a bad batch, but I bought two different bottles of the same product. I have
that I'll save my money from now on.

Joe Sachleben
email: jsachleb at chemistry_ohio-state.edu