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Cheap Metal Halide Bulbs

I'm curious if anyone out there uses the cheap ($25 cdn) metal halides that 
are available at our friendly neighbourhood home improvement centres.  I 
took a couple part #'s and checked out the philips page, most turned out 
over 4000k which is acceptable, given supplementation with a couple full 
spectrum bulbs.

Any experience out there?

Also, there was two sizes, one not much larger than a standard incand. bulb, 
and one conventionally sized bulb.  Both had a stated life of 10,000 hrs and 
were available in conventional wattages.  The bases were different between 
the two bulbs though.

The part numbers were

M58PG-250 for the large and M90TW-100 for the small, the small was available 
in wattages up to 250.

Colin Anderson

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