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Re: maint. sched.

I've noticed recently that I kinda need to do a small overhaul in my
planted tank.  There seems to be some areas where detrius accumulates
and I need to prune as well.  I thought yesterday that in order to
better help myself keep a tidy tank and healthy fish, I'd get some hard
schedules from you guys or just some general guidelines.

Fill out as much as you want and post to the group.  TIA!

Water changes (how much & how often) every two weeks 20%
Water testing (how often) once a month	
    Nitrates: 0	
    Iron: ??
    KH: 3
    GH: 3
Gravel vacuuming (how much & how often) every water change until 20% of the 
water is taken off.
Other tests & maintenance: I use dionized water and add and adjuster for 
water changes.

Karen Mitchell