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re:DIY CO2

On Tue, 18 May 1999 08:53:33 -0400 (EDT) busko at stsci_edu (Ivo Busko)
>Btw, how you would measure the bubble rate if the airline end is 
>stuck into the filter input ?

   The input of my Hagen Aquaclear filter is clear, & allows me to
see the airline tubing from 2 yeast bottles, so doubles as a bubble
counter, and serves to corroborate KH & pH measurements at water
change time.  With 2 reactors on staggered dates, I think I get 
more consistent (aggregate) gas rates, despite something like 6 or
more weeks between adding more sugar/bicarbonate.  By the way, I 
also have had no problem without check valves or air stones, with
the bottle about the same level as the aquarium -- the most
convenient place on my stand.  Do leave some air at the top of the
bottle in case you get some early foaming, though.  YMMV
-- Alex Ling, in sunny Rockville, Md.