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Java ferns and plans

Ok, I tried to be brief in my last message but apparently did not give
enough information.  Here is what I have and what I plan.  55 gal tank
Comments and suggestions are welcome.  My java ferns are turning brown
and disintergrating.  They are planted on a log that has been in the
aquarium for 6 weeks.  They are the highest plant in the aquarium other
then the riccia that is floating on the surface.
Plants in the aquarium are all doing fine except the java ferns.  They
are 1 Sword(blehri)4 Watersprites( 2 lg and 2 small)1 dox anchoris Small
clump of riccia 2 unkown swords(kinda chain but larger the e tenellus)
about 50 E Tenellus and java moss.  All but the java fern is doing
fine.  I got the java ferns from 2 different sources and am pretty sure
that they were healthy to begin with.There are 6 of them.
The fish load in the tank consists of 3 bristle nose plecos(about 2
inches) one common pleco (about 4 inches) 4 green cory cats(mature)19
cardinal tetras, 2 female mature guppies 4 small baby guppies 4 med to
large angels and one med angel.  There are also maylasian snails.  I
have also reintroduce the tubifix worn bed.  I have never seen anything
touch the ferns.  Not even the snails in the middle of the night. I have
Temp  78-80 degrees
PH    6.4-6.8
Gh   Very soft(how my kit measures)
KH   Very soft(how my kit measures)
Nitrates none existant
Water changes at least once a week sometimes twice a week
Usually 11% at each water change
There are tetra crypto tablets at the base of each plant excepting Jave
ferns, Java moss and riccia.  4-8 drops 8-7-6 miracle grow liquid.
listed below
Additives:  Accurel F (water clearer once in a while(Have not used in
2-3 months))
Lighting:  2 Aquaria lux full spectrum lights total wattage 40  They are
about 2 inches above the water and are on for about 15 hours per day
Substrate:  Large grade of sand with a few pebbles mixed in.  1 larger
rock and one 3 foot long log
That is what I have and I am thinking that I should lower photo period
down to 12 hours.

This is what I am planning:
Adding new fertilizers
                                       Base of
plant                        Water column
Miracle grow                Plant spikes
6%                                        15%
6%                                        15%
12%                                      30%
Magnesium                          .5%
.02%                                        .02%
.05%                                    .07%
15%                                        15%
.05%                                        .05%
.05%                                        .06%
Of course I am not sure as to how much to add.  I am thinking 5cc of the
gal mix.
Lower the lighting down to 12 hours
Any comments?  Suggestions?
Lance (RI)