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Am I overdoing it???

I have a 35 gallon tank which is a bit deep.  For the first two years I
had it, it had two fluorescent bulbs over it totalling 60 watts.  Since
turning this tank into a planted one, I added 3 halogen floodlights 90
watts each.  Plant growth was ok with cheapo yeast co2 addition that
enters the tank in an overturned cup, and pmdd.

I have recently switched the floodlights to mercury vapour lamps.  These
mercury lamps have a more bluish spectrum and are meant for growing
plants.  Each bulb is 160 watts each.

Total wattage for this 35 gallon tank is 540 watts.  It comes out to
15.4 watts per gallon.  Here comes the crunch:

Instead of the plants taking off, the water wisteria developed at an
ugly white color and then withered and died.  The bacopa leaves aren't
as large and fleshy and are turning pinkish.  The valisneria is'nt
growing as vigorously as it used to, and the rotala indica has stunted
majorly and is growing teeny blackish leaves.  The cardamine is gorwing
stunted leaves.  The only plant that seems to be unaffected is the
e.amazonicus, but it was never doing anything for me anyway.

Has the degredation of plants been caused by an excess of light or is it
because there is'nt enough co2 for the plants to grow fast enough in
this light intensity?  How come my water turns cloudy when I add pmdd,
it has'nt happened before?

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