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>Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 14:36:54 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Ryan Ingram <rwingram at ucdavis_edu>
>X-Sender: ingram at dogbert_ucdavis.edu
>To: Aquatic Plants Digest <Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com>
>Subject: Re: DIY CO2
>Dinar(and the rest of you) - 
> 		Maybe I can be of some help. I don't talk much in this
>group, but maybe I can share some of my experiences in DIY CO2 with you. I
>don't believe that the bottle needs to be above the surface(but don't
>quote me on that) - I just have it sitting upright on the side of the
>tank(at roughly the same level) without a check-valve - I know it's risky,
>but as long as you don't shake it, it should be fine. I also found that
>the CO2 flowed more freely without the valve. I haven't tried what you're
>describing, but here's what I did:
>Just a clean piece of air tubing was fed from the bottle to the tank(no
>gang valves, no check valve) and on the end of it I put one of those
>small, cylindrical airstones usually used in UGF's - this breaks the
>bubbles up very well. I fed the airstone into the bottom(intake) of a
>powerhead so that the bubbles are sucked up into the powerhead and blown
>back into the tank. Don't worry too much about pH drops, as mine only went
>from 6.5 down to about 6.2 or so and my water is super-soft(about 40ppm).
>Since I added this, I have had nothing but fast and lush growth for the
>baby kribs in there. Keep an eye on the airstone so it doesn't slow down
>too much for too long or your pH will fluctuate(provided your water isn't
>hard). Expect on changing it about every 2 weeks. Cheers and good luck.