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re:DIY CO2

In Digest #1035: 
>Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 10:15:24 -0400
>From: "Dinyar Lalkaka" <lalkaka at concentric_net>
>Subject: DIY CO2
>I'm building my first home-made yeast CO2 injector, and have a couple of 
>questions that I'd appreciate your advice on:
>1) Does the bottle have to be above the aquarium?

No it doesn't, but see #2:
>2) Would a check valve help if it were to be paced below the

Definitely.  If you lose pressure due to a leaky bottle or just at the 
end of CO2 production, you don't want the water to begin siphoning down.

>3) Should the bottle be placed upright or on its side?

It must kept upright - the gas is what you want to inject into the
aquarium, not the wort.  See the archives of the digest for horror
stories of others' CO2 bottles tipping over.  Take protective measures 
to keep it upright if you have cats.

>4) I'm planning to vent the CO2 into the intake of a Fluval 403 canister
>filter. What is the best way to do this? E.g., stuff the airline tubing
>directly into the side of the intake, add a disposable air stone and let the
>CO2 bubble up into the intake from below?

I cut an airline sized hole into the strainer of my canister (a
magnum).  I took the strainer off the inlet tube, pushed the airline
hose up through the hole, connected an airstone and pulled this
assembly back into the strainer.  This was then connected to the inlet 
tube again and made a nice, neat package.  I suspect that you would be 
able to do something similar, if not just position the airstone below
the intake, and have it work fine.

Brent Harsh
Cary, NC