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Re: Potassium deficiency?

On Sat, 15 May 1999, Joe Anderson wrote:

> need some help determining what's missing in my tank.

> Tank parameters:
> 20gal high
> 80 watts flour(2cool white, 2gro-lux)
> soil substrate (some Jobes 16-2-6 added last month)
> pH 7.6-7.8 (haven't been successful in attempts to lower)
> not injecting CO2 at this time due to reactor problems


> Began adding Tetra Flor-Pride(K2O 3%, Fe .15%) last week (adding with wkly 
> water changes)
> My question is do I need to add more Potassium or will the Tetra Flor-Pride 
> be enough?

Tetra Flora Pride is packed with potassium and if you follow the
instructions on the package it will probably provide plenty. However...

You seem to have multiple symptoms in this tank and I think you may need
to look elsewhere for a solution.  Your combination of high light and low
CO2 is pretty hostile to a lot of aquarium plants and slow growth and/or
weak growth are probably caused by that combination.  The growth in your
tank is almost certainly controlled by the CO2 concentration, and the
other chemical additions are wasted effort.

I think you should either add CO2 or reduce the light - or both - then
worry about other problems later.  I'd also stop adding the MgSO4 and
Tetra Flora Pride for a month or more so the tank can sorta reset itself
under less hostile conditions.  Add them back in later only if there is a
specific need for them.

Roger Miller