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filters and mud

Hey kids,

	got a couple questions,

			Fist off, I've got a tank w/ a flourite substrate.  
the plants seem to love it, but my filter keeps filling up w/ what looks like 
mud.  It does this like every week and gets really anooying b/c the cartridge 
can only be washed once, then u have to replace it b/c i just cant get 
anymore mud out.  It is a whisper filter, and i don't really like the filter 
anyway.  Anybody else have full flourite and any advice to offer.  The second 
part-any filter reccomendations?  I want to replace my whisper on my 10 gal.  
and was looking at a millenium 1000, aquaclear 150, and penguin 125.  I read 
the reviews on Aq. central, and the aquaclear had a good showing and seems 
like it would be easy to rinse out.  The thing I don't like about the penguin 
and millenium is the pre-packaged cartridges.  no way to remove the carbon if 
I choose.  Also, I'm looking for a good filter for a heavily planted 40gal. 
w/ sand/flourite.  Looking at emperor and millenium 3000.  If anybody has had 
good or bad luck with any, or just has a rec.  for a good filter-PLEASE 

							Thanks in advance,
in Kyle
Aggiekdw at aol_com