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potassium deficiency?

Hello all,

need some help determining what's missing in my tank.
I am experiencing what appears to be potassium def. symptoms on my Alt. 
reineckii leaves.  They are developing large brown "burn" holes and the 
growth is stunted somewhat.  Other problems in tank include a slight 
twisting of Echin leaves (calcium?), Hygr.difformis leaves turned down and 
decreasing in vertical growth(?), Crypt.wend.red showing small holes and 
thin leaves(could be snails),and aponogeton plants showing thin frail leaves 
and not developing as rapidly as same plant in lower light tank.

Tank parameters:
20gal high
80 watts flour(2cool white, 2gro-lux)
soil substrate (some Jobes 16-2-6 added last month)
pH 7.6-7.8 (haven't been successful in attempts to lower)
not injecting CO2 at this time due to reactor problems
Kh 11-12* (~200ppm)
Gh 5-6*   (~95ppm)
NO3 25mg/L
weekly 20-25% water changes
weekly additions of MgSO4 (1tsp)
Filtration: common over-the-back filter with peat pack added

Began adding Tetra Flor-Pride(K2O 3%, Fe .15%) last week (adding with wkly 
water changes)

My question is do I need to add more Potassium or will the Tetra Flor-Pride 
be enough?

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions

Joe Anderson

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