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Re: Java Ferns and Trace Elements

>From: Lance Tuttle <provmail at us_ibm.com>
>Subject: Java Ferns and Trace Elements
My LFS has said that I should add
>Instant Ocean as it has trace elements in it.
>Rhode Island

I don't think Marine salt is what you want to be adding here.  Sure, it 
contains elements, but so does weed killer.  It doesn't have any substantial 
quantity of the elements you want, but it does have plenty you don't.  I am 
not sure that your ferns are suffering from a lack of elements.  Java ferns 
are sometimes susceptible to a disease that causes the leaves to die like 
this.  I don't know if there is any viable treatment in this case.  It is 
also possible that they are getting too much light; not necessarily too 
strong but possibly too long.  Java ferns prefer a short photoperiod, not 
more than 10 or 12 hours of light.  If you do want to add supplemental 
elements, try a commercial aquatic plant supplement containing (primarily) 
iron.  There are many brands out there.  See if your LFS carries any.  If 
not, there are recipes available to make your own.

Kent Turner
Denver, CO

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