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Re: Flowering Vallisneria Americana

> Subject: Flowering Vallisneria Americana
> Hi Everyone:
> I'm interested in knowing if anyone out there has ever seen the flowers of
> Val. Americana, better yet, information on how they got it to flower.
> been growing them with very high success for over three years, and have
> to see a flower.  For the most part, my tanks have always had pretty low
> nutrient levels, but the growth rates have always been pretty good.

You may have male plants while you're looking for female flowers. Male
flowers are released from "containers" which grow on stems, about 1-2" long
off the crown. These "containers" (does somebody have the correct label?)
are easily missed due to colour, location and size, and are generally eaten
by snails within 2 days.
The released male flowers float to the surface ("What IS this white
stuff??"), and, if you have a skimmer, you will not notice them.

Michael Eckardt
sun, sun, sun  :-)