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Flowering Vallisneria Americana

Hi Everyone:

I'm interested in knowing if anyone out there has ever seen the flowers of 
Val. Americana, better yet, information on how they got it to flower.  I've 
been growing them with very high success for over three years, and have yet 
to see a flower.  For the most part, my tanks have always had pretty low 
nutrient levels, but the growth rates have always been pretty good.

Also, I'm trying a some stem plants and they just aren't taking very well.  
Is is likely that the Val's would fiercely outcompete the stem 
plants(rotala, hygrophilia(poly) and bacopa)?  In the tank in question I've 
also got Windelov Fern, Anubias Nana, and Sagitaria Subulata growing well.  
Lilaeopsis Brasilensis and nova-zealendaie(sp) have not faired well in the 
tank at all.

Tank Parameters:

33 gal
100 w t8
8 deg kH
15 deg gH
pH 7.0 when I remember to change DIY CO2, 7.8 when I don't.
Some home made laterite nuggets.
Fertilized weekly w/ tropica and diy Fe mix.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Colin Anderson

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