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re: algae

thomas conners wrote:
I'm having the same problem Ben Thomas posted the other day. Disgusting
greenish-brown snot all over everything. I'ts impossible to get it all
out manually. I've had it for 3 weeks. Every other day I made a 30%
water change, it just kept getting worse. I treated it with erithromycin
thinking it was cyno bacteria & it seemed to help but there's still some
there. Anybody know what this stuff is & how can we get rid of it? 

i have what i believe to be the same type of algae in an outdoor 10
gallon tank. try putting some yamato numa ebi aka amano shrimp in your
tank. i have more than 10 shrimp in the tank and i have observed them it
eat it.  i am also doing regular water changes and manually cleaning the
stuff and i can say there has been a very gradual decline in the algae. 
noh it all