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Re: Slow growing plants

Hello, I have a two and a half gal. drum bowl set up with about 2in of gravel 
 It is planted with a apon bulb (The kind you can get at Wal-Mart They are 
called micerical bulbs.) and two small corkscrew vals.It gets some inderct 
sun light during the day and houses 5 white cloud minnows and 2 or 3 ghost 
shrimp I change half the water weekly and have had no problems the apon bulb 
has even sent out a flower stem.I live in North carolina and do have some 
java moss but i will have to look into how to send it. Give me a week and 
then you can e-mail me at AllCritter at aol_com and i will let you know what i 
can do .