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Sword roots

Can the young offshoots of Ozelot swords send off roots when they're
entirely out of the water?  I have a young ozelot (full span, the size
of my palm) that has grown from a larger centerpiece Ozelot in the tank,
which sent off roots at one point.  

Here's the problem:  the plant was half in and half out of the water,
and while it was just starting to grow roots, the leaves were looking
terrible because it was constantly getting dunked completely underwater,
then coming back up again.  So I pulled the plant entirely out of the
water, resting it on the edge of the tank; it has grown since then, and
the leaves look great.  But the roots all turned black and crumbled.

My intention is to grow the plant emersed, in a shallow dish or bowl
when it is ready to be separated.  However, while it is still getting
larger, it shows no sign of regrowing the roots.  Can I clip it now? 
Will I need to get its 'feet' wet so it can grow roots again, first?  Or
am I completely barking up the wrong sword?

Alysoun McLaughlin
Wheaton, Maryland