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plants for Betta bowl

Jenny wrote:
>Subject: Slow growing plant please...
>have never had 'live plants' before so I am not even sure where to begin.
>These questions are probably stupid but I really don't know the answers to
>them.  Do live plants require a special soil to grow in?  Do they need
>special lighting?  What plant would you recommend?  Is one plant enough?  His
>fish home is about 15" tall and round kinda like a globe.  I would appreciate
>any help you can give.  Thanks!


Your questions are not stupid. I'm glad you want some plants for your
Betta. They will make his home nicer and healthier. I suggest a floating
plant such as "Water Sprite". It is very common, easy to grow and will
remove "bad stuff" such as ammonia, from the water. It's not slow growing
but probably won't grow too fast in room light. As it gets too big you can
keep the "babies" to grow out and return the large plants to the store for
some credit (hopefully). If you were closer I would happily give you some
appropriate plants. Hornwort and Elodea are other plants that will live and
do not need planting. If there is a kindly APD member near you, you can
probably get some of these plants from them.

in Vancouver, Canada