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RE: Texas water

Cheryl Hofmann recently posted the analysis of her local Texas water and
Roger Miller gave his opinion (I believe that he said "Eeewwwww...").

I've just compared the numbers Cheryl posted with the results from the
Toronto water and I have to say that I'll never complain about bad water
again! While a lot of the metals listed as present are also in Toronto
water, most are in much lower amounts here and the Carbonate/Bicarbonate
ratio is much more "natural" (I've never been able to get a reading for P.
alkalinity on the Toronto water supply using a Hach kit).

I recall that in various books I've seen reference to several locations in
Central America which have lakes with such waters. Also, check the archives
of the APD using "Alkalinity" as a search term - I asked for and received an
explanation of P.Alkalinity quite some time ago. It is definately not
"average" water.

Perhaps a TFC membrane Reverse Osmosis water filter is in order to at least
get the Sodium out and allow you to re-set the proper Bicarbonate/Carbonate
buffer system more appropriate for a planted tank, using R/O Right, Recon or
Seachem Equilibrium + Alkaline Buffer.

James Purchase