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Re: External Canister and Powerheads with Filter

Edison Yap asked....

>I would like to know if it is more advisable to use an External Canister
>Filter like an Eheim Professional as against a Powerhead with an attached
>sponge material for Filtration.  I think initially the Canister will work
>fine because it will absorb excessive chemical by using Activated Carbon
>but after a while, there will be no use for biological filtration because
>the plants themselves will be the one to feed on Nitrates and Ammonia.
>Now, the problem now will be the solid waste of the fishes,  this can be
>solved by a Powerhead with Sponge media?  
>Thank you very much for your answers,  this will truly be a big help for me.

I use a powerhead and sponge filter in my 180 gallon. The sponge is 
rinsed out every three or four days as presently I have a heavy fish load.
It is quite adequate.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca