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More CO2 Discussion

Dennis wrote a long story about high and low pressure CO2 systems which
concluded with this statement:  "As I see it the only real solution is
the constant monitoring of the pH allowing the automation of the system
to assure a constant level of CO2."
I have no quibble with anyone's flow rate calcs (nor am I competent even
to have an opinion).  However, what must be emphasized is that it is
quite easy to put together either a high pressure or a low pressure CO2
system that is VERY steady and reliable.  I am talking about a system
that can run for a few months at a time without any adjustment or
monitoring and which maintains a predictable pH which varies from day to
night within a narrow range (0.4 degrees pH) but which does not affect
one's fish.  Dave G's high pressure system works and so does any system
that uses a decent fine metering valve.  Certainly the Nupro valve has
worked wonderfully for many folks on the list.  Just follow the advice
of your fellow APDers!
Even George B will tell you that a controller with a bum pH probe can
kill the fish in your tank.
Regards, Steve Dixon in rainy Portland, Oregon on a business trip