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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1024

    I have been reading the digest for months, but haven't had any thing
worth saying. I have a bit of a slime problem. It's nothing that I have
seen/read about in any of the FAQ's so I feel justified in posting. Recently
I have started suffering from a thing that looks like dirty brown snot all
over my plants, especially the fine leaved ones. It is easily dislodged and
can be knocked off, leaving the plant completely clean. However, if I
completely clean the tank, it comes back within 24 hours. After a few hours
of light, the snot is covered in bubbles.
    You are probably saying - what have you changed recently ? Well, I have
started CO2 injecting at a very low rate. I haven't had any impact in the pH
of the tank yet. I have a digital camera and could take pictures if anyone
is interested. I am loathe to use an algicide until I know what it is. I
have just invested in some SeaChem De*Nitrate and SeaGel to reduce Phosphate
and Nitrate and I am doing daily water changes of 20%. The problem is my
local tap water regularly contains Nitrate levels of at least 12.5 ppm (by
my Tetra Test). It's a regular 4 foot tank with about 10 small fish, planted
but not heavily - I'd say about 1/3 of the floor has a plants on it.

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