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`New` Tetra Gravel Cleaner

Has anyone come across the `new` Tetra Gravel cleaner ?  Just got it in the
UK and what a piece of kit !

I`ve never got excited about a gravel cleaner before but this one takes the
biscuit. Some features:-

Thick plastic (dark yellow)
Three piece - uses 2 `O` Rings
Right Angle at base for getting into corners
Built in valve that works well for self-starting
Valve on top to alter flow rate
Swivel 13mm pipe connector on top

I realise you have probably had this unit for years in the states, but,
someone has obviously put alot of thought into the design of this gravel
cleaner and it works very well.

Anyone else got one ?  PS. I have no connection with Tetra whatsoever

Andy Moore  -  andy at ascot_u-net.com

Treasurer/BBb Tuba Player Poulton-le-Fylde Brass Band
and Aquatic Plant/Discus collector