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Re: I found a san diego source of *possible* sae.

> You may try your luck for 2.99 a piece at fountain's aquarium 


Fountain's Aquarium has false siamensis.  I've been talking to them 
every week for the last 2 months.  They *know* they don't have the 
real SAEs.  You should ask Judy, the owner.  Some of the help do 
not know.  Judy said they have been ordering SAEs, but what 
came in have not been the real ones.  I remember they did have the 
real SEAs about 3 months ago though, but those did not last long.  
I saw them one day, and came back in a few days to pick up some 
and they were gone.

They used to have a very good "plant" guy, Sam, who got the real 
SAEs to the store.  But he left last year and went to another store 
in Chula Vista (Baja Reef Imports, I believe).  We should track him 
down to see if he has real SAEs there.