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Re: Disintegrating Anubias barteri

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 11:30:42 EDT
> From: "Chaca Chaca" <chacachaca at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Disintegrating Anubias barteri
> Bought a large (and quite expensive!) Anubias barteri earlier this
> week. Yesterday I noticed that two of the leaves looked like they were
> starting to rot.
> I would really like to keep this plant in the beautiful condition
> it was in when I purchased it, and would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.
> Chaca

Normally I wouldn't reply to anonymous emails (something I carried over from photo
critique pages).
But here goes, two things could be going on.  One your Anubias was grown emersed
at the greenhouse that produced it and the older emersed leaves, not adapted to
submerged conditions are dying out.
I usually prune back any leaves I suspect were grown emersed.  It stimulates rapid
growth of a new crown of submerged leaves and ensures the plant grows to the size
the root structure can support. I recently trimmed eight leaves of a A. hastifolia
back to just one emergent leaf.  Now only about 4 months later, the plant has 7
leaves in a nicely proportioned crown.
Or two, your plant is adjusting to it's new light levels and locations.
Either way no need to worry, it should fill in just fine in a couple months.
Paul E. Turley
ICQ# 32030620

"Never before in the history of man have so many known so little about so much."
Carl Sagan