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Filtration, fish and plants

I am building my own 200 gallon corner tank out of Oak and Glass. I chose 
glass as I have some concerns over scratching due to a toddler (soon) and 
wishing to be able to keep  a few pleco's.
Tank will be moderately heavily planted, and house primarily tetras, pencils, 
glass cats, loaches, hatchets, etc...

I intend on using Ocean Clear's with an Iwaki... the turnover rate of the 
tank wil probably be near (give or take) 3 times an hour, or 600 gallons an 

My concern is the filter intake. As I will need to pvc it myself, does anyone 
konw of some standard equipment that is readily available that will help me 
to make safe intakes that will allow for heavy volumes of water to be 
extracted, while still keeping fish safe from being sucked up?

I have some ideas with some standard "stuff" (floss, some standard sponges, 
customizing some pvc pipe with holes, etc...) but I bet someone out there has 
just the idea I am looking for...

Any ideas on a return system that will allow "safe" current (as in, won't 
bend plants over---) and will minimize surface agitation? Submerged spray 
Any ideas would be welcome...