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Re: Ivo's Anti-Scum Surface Skimmer

>My experience tells that surface scum returns in *much* less than 24 hours.

[I agree. However, the scum should be absorbed by the filter as it get's
mixed into the water column. On most tanks the repeated cycling should
overtime lessen the scum's recovery rate.]
>Your proposed solution may work in some tanks, but not in others such as
>mine. I have been experimenting with DIY surface skimmers for a while, and
>I have running for about 2 months a DIY surface skimmer that I build using
>an old gravel vac, a strainer and a few small pumbling parts. It did cost

[How does your setup deal with the surface agetation CO2 loss problem?
From your post, it was'nt clear whether or not you run CO2.]

>since I had the parts sitting around, but even if you buy them it would
>cost less that a timer plus air pump. If I turn the device off for a couple
>of hours the surface is rapidly taken by the scum.

[Do you run your setup only at night or 24-7?]

 I guess fish load plays
>a major part in the surface scum buildup. Mine is kinda heavy.
>- -Ivo Busko

[Please tell us more.]