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CO2 question

 Morgan wrote:
>Subject: Night Aeration

>I would like to know if this sounds reasonable to the pros. I have an
>Eheim CO2 kit, high pressure, with cylinder. I do not want to use a
>solenoid and pH controller. If I was to run the COO continuously night
>and day, I assume I would poison my fish as a result of too much CO2
>during the non-photosynthetic night hours.

Not true, Morgan. The accepted wisdom is to leave your CO2 running at a
constant rate day and night (e.g. 1 bubble per second). Your pH will swing
much more if you shut it off at night. You should use a good hardness kit
and keep your GH and KH about 4. I, and all my friends in the Vancouver
Aquatic Plant Group who use injected CO2 run it night and day. Others can
(and probably will) post the exact reasons why it is better to leave CO2
running constantly better than I can. I use yeast generated CO2 as well as
injected and they all run all the time.

in Vancouver