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Re: Swirling Water

> I have a question.  In your opinion (or knowledge), do you think (or know)
> if a slow methodical swirl of water around the tank caused by an underwater
> vertically placed spray bar constitutes surface agitation and thus the loss
> of CO2?

I have precisely that arrangement, and it is close to perfection. The spray 
bar sits vertically in the back of the side pane with its holes pointing 
forward. The hole closest to the surface is about 1" below it. The tank has
a curved front glass which helps in smoothing the flow. It is a 36" long 
tank and the flow from the Fluval 303 is enough to move water to the back
of the other side, where we can see plant leaves waving. Some fish such as
zebra danios and angels seem to love the current along the front glass and
sometimes spend time there swimming against the current. There is absolutely
no surface agitation and the CO2 level is steadily at the 20-30 ppm mark with
a simple yeast bottle and DIY reactor. Recently I added a few additional
holes to the spray bar, set at 45 and 90 degrees from the original ones. 
This helped in adding some water movement to the middle and back areas in
the tank.

-Ivo Busko