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Surprise for Mother's day

Yesterday after more or less not having time to do anything more than just
water changes, I did a minor overhaul on the jungle in my 120 gallon tank.
As I was sitting on the floor shaking the air out of the Fluval 403, I
looked up at the surface area of the tank and found 4 baby gouramis about
1/2 inch long+ACE-  The mom and pop have been busy over the past 4 months since
I put in the CO2 injection and the watersprite and duckweed have required
semi-weekly thinnning out.  I thought that perhaps with all the surface
vegetation, I may have increased the odds that some of the eggs would
eventually produce survivors.  What a nice surprise+ACE-

BTW given what little material I did find in the filter, (after three
months) I have to second the opinion of the experts who contribute to this
list, that filtration can be optional in a heavily planted tank with a light
to moderate fish load.  Water movement with powerheads would be enough.  I
scraped algae with a razor blade off the endglass that gets direct sun in
the afternoon.  The algae lay in clumps on the bottom.  An hour later most
of it was gone and the Malaysian trumpet snails were finishing off their
mid-day snack+ACE-  These snails are a marvel+ACE-  They are why there is no mulm
whatsoever anywhere on the substrate.

G. Kadar