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fertilizing lotus plants

I've been wading through the back issues of TAG, but so far have not come up
with this although there was an excellent article on Nympheas.  (I have
months of reading waiting for me.)

I planted the bulbs about three months ago.  I also put some Jobes for ferns
and Seachem fluorish tabs near the plants.  They are growing very well.
However, I have two questions:

1.)  How often should I add substrate fertilizers?

2.) Because I thought they would not grow, I planted them all in the front
of my aquarium and now they obstruct the view.  In other words I have an
aesthetic disaster.  Can these plants be moved?  For example, if I make
space for them futher back, can I shift the entire plant +- substrate back to
the middle area of the tank?  I've looked closely and they have lots of fine
white hairlike roots some peeking out of the substrate.  Or will disturbing
them cause disasterous results?  If so, then I'll just leave them as is and
maybe turn the aquarium around instead. +ADw-g+AD4-

G. Kadar