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Small CO2 system?

I'm looking for a *small* compressed-gas CO2 system for my planted tank. 
This is a "show" style 29-gal tank in our living room, and everything has 
to hide within the wooden stand. Space is at a premium. Basically, I'd like 
to order Dave's high-pressure system, but only if I can find a tank smaller 
than 2.5 lb to hook to it. Somewhere from 12 oz to 1 pound would be ideal.

I know there are 12 oz and smaller tanks used for paintball; is there a way 
to adapt these to a standard CO2 regulator, or do they have the same thread 
size already?

The ADA system would be ideal for me (perhaps a bit *too* small) but it 
seems it's unavailable in the US at the moment. And I could probably do 
without the high price. Aqualine buschke makes a 12 oz model but I've heard 
there are problems with the threads being incompatible with US filling 

Any ideas? I'm well aware that a 12-oz setup might cost more in setup and 
maintenance than a 5-lb setup, but I'm willing to pay the price...

Thanks for any help.

michael moncur   mgm at starlingtech_com   http://www.starlingtech.com/
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